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the interpret of brands: the Odle Depot photoelectric

1: OD taken from the first letter O in Chinese Pinyin: ōu D: dí, LE taken from the alphabetical L: light (light English name) E: electric (power of the English name), Odle on behalf of the European Di photoelectric, with each word word meaning contained in the expression, but also the idea of  perfect fusion of different cultures.
2: Odle photoelectric Depot: O Europe: European quality, high quality. D Di: inheritance passed, inheritance passed to manufacturing products, lamps and explosion-proof. L light: bright, light bulbs, lamps. Electricity: electricity, electrical appliances, explosion-proof electrical. The mean ODLE photoelectric Depot: High quality optical products, lamps manufacturer of explosion-proof electrical.
3: Deep understanding: a wealth of material civilization of the modern world, originated in Europe the rise of productivity vigorously develop. Technology with equality and freedom is passed to the Americas, Asia and other parts of the world. 18th century Franklin kite to capture the current Edison power then the world's first light bulb lit with cotton thread from the photoelectric along with human civilization forward together. The discovery of electricity, the invention of the light bulb, on behalf of efforts to adhere to understand the target of persistent never give up freedom and equality spirit of innovation, and ultimately to the benefit of humanity. ODLE photoelectric Depot: human civilization, the successor to one of the transmitters.

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